Advanced Reinforced and Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Design

Three-dimensional (3D) Finite Element Software for Analysis and Design of Concrete and Post-Tensioned Floor and Foundation Systems. Built on ADAPT's unique TrueStructure™ modeling and analysis technology, this software provides a powerful, yet easy to use tool for the analysis of all types of slab systems. ADAPT-Floor Pro's true 3D FEM analysis provides the most accurate results even for the most complex transfer and waffle slabs. Its Dynamic Rebar Design
(DRD)™ module gives structural engineers complete control over the design and placement of mild reinforcement,
leading to optimized designs.

When it comes to accurate/ optimized design of floor systems, competitor programs will find it difficult to come close to ADAPT Floor Pro. ADAPT is one of the very best and also integrates beautifully with REVIT STRUCTURE, ETABS and Staad Pro. 3D FEM analysis and design of complete concrete floor and foundation systems. Supports Architectural import and very fast modeling can easily be achieved. Great for flat-slabs and everything else ADAPT PT can handle, and for design ADAPT can handle conventional RC design, PT design or a mixture of both (Hybrid floor systems).Directly imports loads from Revit, ETABS and Staad Pro.

ADAPT-Floor Pro Features:

  • Generates a true 3D solid model of an entire floor system
  • Uses Component Technology to assemble an entire floor system using structural components, such as slab regions, walls, columns, drop caps, drop panels, and openings.
  • Models slabs, steps above and below the slab, and beams
  • Place column and wall supports anywhere
  • Apply loads of any configuration, anywhere on the slab with a mouse click
  • New - Automatically or manually model and dynamically edit tendons in plan or elevation
  • New - Tendon curvature check against a minimum radius of curvature
  • Supports live load patterning and automatically reduced live loads, where applicable
  • New - Wood-Armer design option
  • Calculate cracked section deflections and view extent of cracking in slab and beams
  • New - Provides instant design feedback by displaying deflections, stresses, average precompression, % of dead load to balance after design in the model
  • New - Reinforcement display per load combination, either along support lines or with user-defined orientation


  • Flat slabs (commercial, residential, hotel, healthcare), One-way beam and slabs (parking structures), Modal vibration analysis of concrete floor systems
  • One-way beam and slabs (parking structures), Waffle slabs, Transfer slabs, Investigation & repair of existing concrete slab systems
  • Dynamic Rebar Design and Detailing Module
  • Model typical reinforcement as base reinforcement into your model using either mesh rebar, single bars or distributed rebar
  • Edit calculated reinforcement graphically using rebar libraries to optimize rebar layout
  • Freeze designs and perform investigations
  • Click to view brochure
  • Advanced Rebar Detailing > 3.22 minute video on > Review of Dynamic Rebar Design capabilities for slabs and beams, including placement, editing of disposition, and definition of base reinforcement
  • PT Shop Drawing Module > More for PT Specialists
  • Perform friction and elongation calculation
  • Manage and display tendon chair heights
  • Calculate tendon quantities and generate tendon specific reports
  • Click to view brochure and examples...

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Dynamic Rebar Design (DRD) TM

The program comes supports the following design codes:

  • ACI-318 (1999 and 2005 and 2008) - New, IBC (International Building Code) 2006 and 2009,
    British-BS8110 (1997), Canadian-A23.3 (1994)
  • Canadian-A23.3 (2004), Australian-AS3600 (2001), Brazilian-NBR6118 (2001), Indian IS456
    (2005 reprint), European EC2 (2004)

The program supports the following units:

  • SI, MKS, American Customary


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