MultiSTEEL Offshore

Bringing the Power of AutoCAD to Offshore Modelling and Detailing

MultiSTEEL 3D Offshore Jacket Module (co-developed with State Service, Houston) gives designers and fabricators using AutoCAD, powerful tools for modeling and detailed drawing production for complex offshore structures. It is the only Autodesk approved application that deals with and prepares the fabrication details, material lists and CNC information in the accepted industry format with complex intersecting pipe sections.

MultiSTEEL Offshore provides you with high speed, cost-effective offshore and process 2D detailing and 3D modeling software.  Designed for the work that you do, to simplify even the most complex of designs.

Key Features:

  • Full Material Listing
  • C of G
  • G.A. drawings of all frames in any view, including true projections of the sloping sides
  • Individual fabrication drawings, including Wrap Around, Data Table of Offsets from end of Pipes
  • Bracing Sketches
  • CNC Output
  • USE MultiSTEEL 3D for integration and clash checking
  • Use MultiSTEEL 2D for your GA Drawings

The Offshore Module utilises the MultiSTEEL Tubular/Pipe Connection Module for coping of all intersecting tubes/ pipes, and the preparation of complete fabrication details for these elements.

MultiSTEEL's ability to model tubular steelwork as used in offshore jackets and similar structures was developed for the offshore industry and is not present in any other software. It will calculate the profiled ends of complex arrangements of tubes coming into a connection from different angles and in different planes, and will produce the fabrication data as a wraparound template, a data table of co-ordinates, or a CNC output file.

MultiSTEEL jacket modeller (optional add-on module) is also unique and will create any configuration of three or four leg jackets with battered sides and also caters for a single vertical side with the others sloping. Our tubular coping module will then produce the full fabrication information for the complete jacket.

We Believe in Making Life Easy

That's why we have automated many of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks, like creating pipe gaps and cut-backs, or calculations such as plate weights and sizes.

Our software will generate your fabrication drawings and material lists automatically, and link ( using MULTISTEEL's INTEGRATOR) to other industry packages (such as PDMS, SACS, STAAD, etc.) and file formats for design and analysis.  It also exports to CNC, wrap-around and cutting sketch generators. 


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