MultiDRAFT is a general drafting environment for use with AutoCAD. It incorporates a number of drafting tools to make drawings easier and faster. As a result the drafting process is improved leading to increased productivity, quality and consistency. MultiDRAFT is the base module (can be purchased standalone) off the complete MultiSTEEL package.

MultiDRAFT is a series of specialized tools that automates some of the AutoCAD command (less steps required) as well as other key features to give added flexibility and speed. For example generating a 3D grid IN AutoCAD by itself can take half a day whereas with MultiDRAFT on AutoCAD, the time taken is reduced to less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of MultiDRAFT

MultiDRAFT contains our MultiSCALE module which offers the following advantages over basic AutoCAD and enhances AutoCAD as follows:

1.  It provides a convenient drawing setup routine that inserts the user's title block and allows them to fill out their title block details either at the outset or later on.

2.  It gives the user an initial drawing scale (and drawing scale factor) so that he can start drawing easily and quickly without having to make adjustments in AutoCAD.

Text, dimensions, hatching and line types will all appear correctly from the outset.

3.  The user can define areas of his drawing as being at a particular scale, useful where enlarged details are required, and MultiSCALE will make all the adjustments in AutoCAD to allow him to work at that scale straight away.

4.  The user can also change the scale of a detail simply by clicking on it and defining a new scale and MultiSCALE will make all the adjustments necessary, and redisplay the detail again with correct text heights, symbols, hatching etc.

5.  It is also possible clip out details either as circular details or rectangular and present them on the drawing at the required scale.

6.  It is possible to work with MultiSCALE in either Model Space or Paper Space.  When working with Layouts, MultiSCALE automatically sizes and sets scale factors for view ports, whilst correctly displaying information enclosed in those view ports.

All of the above features provided by MultiSCALE comes with MultiDRAFT.

MultiSUITE with AutoCAD
MultiSUITE, comprising MultiDRAFT, and/or MultiREBAR, and/or MultiSTEEL is available for most AUTOCAD Platforms (Full version only), from AutoCAD 2004 to AutoCAD 2013 or can be purchased in stand –alone configuration when packaged together with AutoCAD 2011 OEM and distribute it as a single product called MultiSUITE CAD or bundled separately with MultiREBAR (MultiREBAR CAD), MultiSTEEL (MultiSTEEL CAD). This is much cheaper option than purchasing MultiSTEEL and AutoCAD separately. The next OEM version will be for AutoCAD 2013 . MultiSUITE CAD is Ideal for organizations that require to purchase additional CAD seats. MultiSTEEL CAD is suitable only for structural drafting and detailing.

Regarding Auto CAD OEM
MultiSUITE CAD employs AutoCAD OEM technology from Autodesk. This technology allows Developers like MultiSUITE Software to produce focused industry-specific applications, ready to use, straight out of the box.  Supplied on a single CD, MultiSUITE CAD contains all of the CAD functionality you need to produce your structural drawings efficiently. It employs the same familiar look and feel of full AutoCAD, and because it's built on pure Autodesk technology, you can be sure it creates full 100% compliant DWG drawings. MultiSUITE CAD includes the innovative AutoCAD OEM technology and offer an optimized solution tailored to your needs.


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