pi-SYSTEMS International SA : pi-SYSTEMS International SA is a leading Architecture Engineer Construction (A/E/C) Software Developer Company, focused on Building Design and Public Works/Construction Management. For more than 25 years, pi-SYSTEMS provides Advanced, Reliable, Intelligent and Integrated Software Solutions based upon an Innovative Holistic Approach in Structural Building Design, supported by advanced CAD techniques.


A complete and stand-alone software package for the detailed Static and Dynamic Analysis and Design of RC structures. Based upon the know-how of CSI and PI-Systems, ETABS+StereoSTATIKA, offers a complete solution with no limitations.


HoloMETRICA is a standalone application that simplifies Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. HoloMETICA can be used with leading software's in the market such as ETABS, Staad Pro, StereoSTATIKA, ArchiTEKTONIKA, PAN0PLIA, pi-DESIGN, IFC BIM format and other CAD applications.

PANOPLIA is a standalone application for the RC Detailing and Material Management. It creates all required drawings and reinforcement drawings in 2D and 3D. It produces precise quantity surveying reports for all materials and tasks.It can use data from several well known structural analysis applications such as ETABS and Staad Pro.

pi-DESIGN is a software package for advanced design of reinforced concrete elements(columns, beams, slabs), subject to axial forces (N) and axial or biaxial (Mx and My) bending moments according to ECS (EUROCODES).


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