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StereoSTATIKA offers a comprehensive and engineer friendly Visual Design environment, based on Holistic Intelligence Technology ® (HIT). Every structural element (slab, beam, column, etc) that the user may choose to import onto the screen design area constitutes a ‘conscious’ object'; which is aware of all its properties, features, inter-relations, inter-connections and roles.

The entire concrete frame is recalculated, reshaped and redrawn in seconds when the user adds or modifies any structural element property; or condition the static and anti-seismic performance of the design. Intelligent controls scan for and detects any weaknesses and building code violations of the frame being designed.

Features/ Specifications of stereoSTATIKA :

  • Real time visual inspection of 3D model (simultaneous visualization of 2D and 3D).

  • Automatic creation of all required models, static and dynamic analysis, reinforcement design and selection for all structural elements in minutes.

  • Good animation (wire frame and 3D object) - for seismic behavior and deflection of static loading.

  • Specially developed, custom operating environment pi 4D OPEN (PI 4D Operating Environment C++/OpenGL).

  • Support for steel frame design and combined (concrete-steel) frame design by cooperation with ETABS.

StereoSTATIKA, beyond its own mathematical model, is open to other calculation engines such as Ansys, ETABS, Staad.Pro etc. Final construction drawings and rebar details are plotted printed automatically, while a complete and detailed order list of the required rebars may be sent via Internet to the rebar manufacturers.

Support For Various Building Codes

  • Full support For EUROCODES EC2 KOI EC8 and the Greek regulations; IS codes also supported.
  • Existing buildings design checks for past regulations.

Link StereoSTATIKA Sample Output Print-out for Analysis and Design (eurocodes):

Sample Drawing Output:
(Note: User customizable for any country/ for any detailing standard/detailing style)
Drawing arrangement can be customermize by user bar naming can be preset to suit local requirememts.
Drawings to be customized for the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei markets.



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