Why Choose VR-CAM Technologies?

VR-CAM Technologies is a solution provider company, we are can provide you the best solutions as we know many software and capability of them.


Architecture and Designing

we are providing the Architecture design and Modeling based on BIM and Parametric designs.


Computational Design

while generating the production drawings and achieving BOM of a project is a time-consuming process, computational design can handle that process in a shorter time


Structure analysis and design

VR-CAM structure designers are a qualified team with knowledge of different software for the analysis and design of your projects. we can assist you during the analysis and designing of your projects.


structural Connection designs

designing a complicated connection always is a big issue to structure designers. the VR-Cam team can do the FEA analysis and design for your complicated structural connections.


Facade design

we are the facade consultant and designers and with very good knowledge of facade


Traning and workshop courses

wanna learn new software and increase your team knowledge? just contact us and we will provide you training, license and solutions for your company.

VR-CAM Technologies

We are providing software and services

VR-CAM Technologies is a company providing services and software for Engineers, Architects and MEP designers.

  • Software Distributor
  • Structural and Engineering Services
  • Architecture and Designing Services

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